Exciting updates are coming to Hoylu's free plan users!

What's New?

We’re saying goodbye to the 3-workspace limit and the 30-day trial of advanced features.

Instead, we’re introducing a cap on the total amount of content across editable workspaces. This means that users on the free plan will be able to:

  • Have unlimited read-only workspaces.
  • Create as many editable workspaces as the usage cap allows.
  • Keep exploring and testing newly released features without any time constraints.

Even after reaching the cap, free plan users can still edit existing content but

  • cannot add additional elements
  • or add additional editable workspaces

Why the change?

The previous limit restricted many users from fully experiencing the array of features and workspace templates we’ve recently added. We want everyone to unlock the true potential of our platform.

Additionally, a single Hoylu workspace now offers an incredible blend of whiteboarding, planning, progress tracking, and reporting capabilities for complex projects and large teams. The value it delivers is comparable to standalone tools.

To enable further growth of such high-value workspaces, a higher tier plan will be required going forward.

What's Next?

If you are over the limit… …and you are part of a company or project that has purchased Hoylu licenses, please contact your Administrator to get a license assigned.

…you do not yet have a Hoylu license, you can upgrade your account using the button below.

… you need licenses for a whole team, please contact sales@hoylu.com

For other questions, consult our FAQs or reach us at support.hoylu.com