The Hoylu Solution

Remote Work Re-imagined

Go beyond screen-sharing

Our shared virtual workspaces are accessible from any device so working in real-time with your team is easy. Start a session in Hoylu and your Online Whiteboard is always live, the collaboration doesn’t stop when the meeting ends.

Virtual Workspaces

Get your team on the same page

Our shared virtual workspaces are accessible from any device. Go beyond screen-sharing and give your collaboration a boost with Hoylu’s virtual whiteboard built for teams. With real-time updating you’ll have over 55,000+ pages to work together to get work done in an engaging and productive way!


All the tools you need for your workspace are in one centralized location. When selecting a special Use Case you’ll get a specialized toolset for that module.

Digital Sticky Notes

Stop the mess of sticky notes all over walls and use Hoylu’s digital sticky notes to simplify your project planning sessions.

Drawing Tools

Use your pen, finger, and cursor to draw or sketch out ideas or annotations in a workspace. You can even draw on top of images like tracing paper.


Retros in Hoylu make this agile process engaging and fun. No more standing in line to add your feedback and you can track multiple iterations.

Hoylu Retrospectives

Weekly Planner

Our Weekly Planner Use Case is a great way to tackle projects with your team or just for yourself. With snap to grid sticky notes it’s easy to navigate.

Hoylu Weekly Planner

Bring Your Own Templates

You can import custom templates through drag and drop. Just lock your image to the background and you’re ready to start working!

Hoylu Kanban
Remote Collaboration​

The collaboration doesn't end with your meeting.

Use your Hoylu workspace to refer back to your collaborative session and keep adding to it. The teamwork doesn’t have to end with your video call!

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