Why You Should Use an Online Whiteboard As a Teacher

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If you’re a teacher, there’s a really good chance you would benefit from using an online whiteboard tool like Hoylu.

An online whiteboard is a web-based application that allows people to share and collaborate on work with others over a network. Online whiteboards have recently gained popularity in collaborative teaching thanks to the recent pandemic.

So, how can you benefit from using an online whiteboard while teaching?

They Help Increase Collaboration Between Students

Online whiteboards can facilitate online collaboration between students, teachers, and other instructors. Online whiteboard software, like Hoylu, allows users to create and manipulate objects such as drawings, text, lists, images, and videos.

Studying is not just limited to schools and classrooms anymore – nowadays, most students study at home using laptops or other computers if they can’t find time during school hours (which is why we see more A grades than ever before).

Online whiteboards have made it easy for teachers and students to collaborate on schoolwork – even those in separate schools or countries!

You Can Easily Create & Share Course Material

An online whiteboard is a good tool for creating educational content since it can provide high-quality digital materials (which may include photographs or drawings), and structure lessons properly so that the learning process goes smoothly without any confusion.

They Are A Great Online Presentation Tool

An online whiteboard can be used as a tool for sharing information. Online whiteboard software can be used to create presentations and share them with others.

Since presentations are created on the web, you will not have to worry about printouts or carrying large amounts of materials around with you. This means your students can also access these digital resources from anywhere in the world!

They Help You Keep Everything Organized & Tidy

With Hoylu, everything is easily stored and organized inside of different workspaces. This allows you to easily organize all of your content.

With real-time updating, you’ll have over 55,000+ pages to work together to get work done in an engaging and productive way while keeping everything organized in a way that works best for you and your students!

They Let You Show Students How Online Collaboration Works

Online whiteboards may seem like a foreign concept to some students, so if you want your students to get used to online collaboration, an online whiteboard might assist with this initial transition from traditional teaching methods.

Online whiteboards can help teach your students how collaborative work is completed efficiently through the use of shared resources, for example lesson planning, or student presentations. Online whiteboards have also been proven to increase student engagement in the learning process.

They Are Great For Visual Note-Taking

Online Whiteboards can be a great way to have visual note-taking done by your students. They allow users, including teachers, to create a variety of drawing tools that you and your students could use in class for visualization aids or just for fun. They can also have embedded videos and audio recordings.

Use Hoylu for Free

Did you know that Hoylu is available for free for education? That’s right! As a teacher or student, we allow you to use Hoylu for free.

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