What is Pull Planning in Construction?

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Pull planning is a lean construction practice that with the end goal. It’s a process instills high level of teamwork and engagement. Hoylu understands the significance of this method in creating more efficient and higher quality projects, and that is why we offer services specifically for those businesses interested in using pull planning.

What Makes Pull Planning Different?

Pull planning is the type of method that can utilize every member of the team instead of being dependent upon a single individual to lead the charge. It focuses primarily on the end goal above everything which helps to put the project into perspective and prevents progress from stopping all together due to someone being unable to complete their task. 

One of the main elements of pull planning is the use of everyone’s expertise to reach the end goal of a project. This method draws on multiple “leaders” rather than one individual. These “leaders” then lay out what needs to be completed to finish the project. For instance, in a bathroom renovation, one part of the team may be in charge of replacing the tile and another on redoing the plumbing. Each of those parts then has to determine what needs to be done in order for their part of the project to be completed.

Another critical part of pull planning is that you work backwards. This means that you look at the final scope of the project and then work from that point to see what steps need to be completed in order to reach that end point. Your end point in the example used earlier would be the renovated bathroom. From there, you would work back to determine what needs to be done in what order. For instance, if the plumbing is being redone, that would need to be completed before new fixtures could be placed on the bathtub and sink. Sorting things out in this way gives everyone a concrete understanding of when they need to act and what they need to do.

Why Should You Implement It?

Pull planning is a revolutionary way of project management. Not only does it allow collaborative work, but studies have actually shown that the use of pull planning can help to increase worker safety and overall quality of the project when the right people are engaged and utilizing the method to collaborate properly. Beyond that, pull planning reduces costs by shortening the time in which the tasks are completed and it minimizes the risk taken on by the team. It can be awkward to make the transition at first, but the beauty of the pull planning method is that it can be implemented at any time. However, the sooner you start it, the more your business will benefit.

In the past, it may have been difficult to implement this type of project management–especially for construction–because so many moving parts can be nearly impossible to keep track of in one location. With the advent of online collaborative spaces, you can meet with your team and work on projects in a pull planning style without the hassle.

See How Hoylu Can Help

Hoylu understands the importance of pull planning in the world of construction. We know that projects can benefit from a tool that allows the construction team to work collaboratively. That is why we offer tailored modules made specifically for businesses who wish to implement pull planning. Our collaborative whiteboard space can help to transform the way your team works. 

Get started with a free Pull Planning demo today to learn more about what we offer, and how we can help your business.