Complex projects

Our platform offers you and your team the power of unified planning with an intuitive solution that combines feature-rich whiteboarding, planning, and task management. Plan, engage, and visualize your projects with best-in-class usability and integrations. 

Bring your best ideas together with your best data across disparate teams and solutions for unified, unlimited, unbeatable project management.


Adaptive Workspaces

The workspace that works for you

Hoylu is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, project management software solution that combines whiteboarding, planning, and task management. Our workspaces take the complexity out of complex projects and adapt freely to fit any team or workflow.

For every industry



Manage Lean projects, activities, and subcontractors in one, easy to on-board place.



From sprint planning to cadence-based meetings, Hoylu's modules keep your team aligned and on track.

Project Modules

Adapt to whatever way you work

More than your average software, Hoylu’s solution come with built-in logic for any business case. So you simply add complex information. All in context. Anywhere you need.

getting started

Make every user a power user

The intuitive toolbar adapts to any workflow you’re on. So everyone gets things done. Fast and simple.


Easy communication & better collaboration

Hoylu lets you quickly bulk-import tasks or embed video conferences, finally giving your team a visualization of all their communications and to-dos. So they easily manage them all in one window.

PI planning
kanban timeline 3

Infinite Workspace

Think outside the whiteboard

No matter how big or complex the project, Hoylu’s infinite Workspaces have room for every task, activity, and way more.

Hear from our 30,000+ users

"With Hoylu for Pull Planning, we executed our existing processes virtually. Hoylu is intuitive and easy to use, and that really helped keep our processes moving forward."
Jon Molnar
Sr. Superintendent | Walbridge, a Top 50 U.S. construction company
"Hoylu has been a helpful tool for us in bringing together our trades to spark crucial coordination discussions. The platform allows for all field foreman and their office staff to come to one common area with all trades to work through challenges on a daily basis."
Nathan St.Clair
Project Planner and Scheduler & Innovation Manager, W.E. O'Neil
The pre-work helps steer the pull planning session conversations towards the right direction with transparency and allows room for negotiations with durations prior to the meeting to the facilitator.
Pallavi Mittal
Senior Project Engineer, Herrero Builders
"Adopting Hoylu on our project has enabled us to manage our site and schedule more effectively. We were pleased with its ease of use and how quickly our subtrades were able to get on board with it."
Benjamin Quintin
Superintendent G.S.I, EllisDon

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Create a Project

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