Project Licensing Overview

Project licenses streamline team access to Hoylu workspaces, eliminating the need for individual users to purchase a subscription. Project Admins have the authority to oversee project members and share project workspaces with external Guests, Individual Team Members, or the Entire Project Team.

Key Features of Project Licenses:

Hoylu can be used throughout all project phases, from concept to the final handover. Hoylu enables:

  • Centralized ownership of project data
  • Centralized management of project workspaces
  • Manage both internal and external project members
  • Unlimited project members
  • Unlimited project workspaces
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Onboarding, Training and ongoing Support
  • Fixed cost for a specified duration
  • (Optional) Project Archive post active project period

Project Initialization

Upon project initiation, Hoylu sets up the Project, creating a dedicated Project Dashboard folder and Management Portal Page accessible to Project Admins.

The Project Admin can:
  • Invite Members, granting them automatic access to the project folder on the dashboard
  • Populate the Project Folder by adding or creating project workspaces
  • Optionally configure workspace access for project guests

Project Lifecycle

  • Active Project (Custom Duration): Workspaces are editable as per permissions for project
  • Inactive Project (3 month): Workspaces are read only for all project members
  • Archived Project (Custom duration): Archived projects can be exported and workspaces can be duplicated.
  • Locked Project (6 month): Workspaces are inaccessible but can be re-activated or added to Company Archive

Finally, after the project has been locked for 6 month, all associated workspaces will be deleted.

“The collaboration that Hoylu offers really allows us to maximize the flow of work, maximize production from every trade, and get back on track. The end result is a clear road map that everyone can look at, agree to, and be accountable.”

— John Kyle | Superintendent | Chandos