PI Planning
for Engineering for Development for Project Management

What is PI Planning?

A PI Planning session determines the overall mission, vision, and plan for an AGILE Release Train. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) empowers organizations to drive faster time-to-market as well as increase productivity and employee engagement.


Users can organize their stories and features by iterations with drag & drop functionality.

Establish Dependencies

Stories and features can be visually marked as dependencies with arrow connections.

Manage Details

Customize the appearance and details of your stories. 

Import from Version 1

Upload your data from Version 1 to visually organize your iterations.


Drag & Drop

Hoylu offers user the flexibility of a visual, drag & drop PI Planning session. 


Arrow Connections

Dependencies can be defined simply and visually with an arrow. These connections can be customized by color and a straight or curved line. Different types of connections can have different meanings established during the session.


Managing Appearance

Manage how your stories appear in your workspace by changing their color or the information you choose to display.


Version 1

Do you have your data stored in Version 1? Import data into Hoylu, map the fields of your .CSV, and you’re ready to start collaborating!