Meet HoyluWall™.

A fully-integrated interactive wall collaboration and computing solution that is designed for group working environments.

Power Your Project With HoyluWall™.

Expand your digital real estate. Ideal for all types of collaborative meetings such as brainstorming, project planning, design review, and agile processes.

Infinite Workspaces.

HoyluWall comes packaged with our powerful collaboration tools. Experience productivity like never before with an unlimited dynamic work area.

Seamless Interactive Wall.

HoyluWall is unique in its use of interactive digital pens in conjunction with an on-screen micro dot pattern. The result is a writing experience that that is both extremely precise and free of latency.

Graphic Recording with HoyluWall™

Digital Age Meetings.

HoyluWall makes meetings fun. Brainstorm and share infinite ideas digitally with anyone across the world, to any device.