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Hoylu for Pharma

Hoylu Workspaces can be used for day-to-day use such as goal tracking, task delegation, information sharing, and asset management. Hoylu works closely with our customers  Pharma & Healthcare to ensure they collaborate faster and more efficiently.


Keep your Team and their processes documented, organized, and easy to understand with visual Hoylu Workspaces.


Easily accessible information is essential for transparency in the workplace. Create a Hoylu Workspace that can be shared with the whole team.


Standard Procedures

Create flow-charts for standard procedures.
Flow-charts read so much better than binders of paperwork.


Tasks Delegation

Create Kanban boards for your team to ensure the baton is being picked up every step of the way.


Asset Tracking

Create a Workspace to track your assets and devices. Which machines are being used and when? Or, which machines are still under repair? Put this all in one Workspace so that everyone is on the same page.


Digital Bulletin Board

Access your office’s bulletin board anywhere, anytime. A digital bulletin board allows for all your important information to displayed in one place.