Hoylu for Enterprise

Single User & Small Teams

Remote Collaboration from Anywhere!

Hoylu’s Software Applications provide teams with a collaboration experience unlike any other. A project that started in the conference room can live on in small breakouts through Hoylu from any device, anywhere, any time. Equip your organization with a tool that translates the whiteboard experience or sticky note planning to a digital shared format that can be access remotely and shared with unlimited users. 

Digital Transformation with Hoylu

Flexible Solution for Analog Work Styles

Do you still have conference rooms with sticky notes all over and white boards? Go Digital! Hoylu provides an easy to learn and even easier use solution to digital transformation from analog work. Sharing photos and updating PDF’s is not a productive way to do work, with Hoylu it’s already in the cloud ready to be accessed at anytime. 

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Hoylu’s applications are secure workspaces stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 


Easily control your organization with our Admin Panel, set access rights, assign account, and more. 

Single Sign On

Hoylu integrates your Single Sign On process to be easily configured for use with Hoylu Applications. 

Advanced Permissions

Shared Workspaces can be given advanced permissions based on your internal security needs.  

Customer Success Manager

As a Hoylu Enterprise customer you are provided a dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Custom On-Boarding

Every organization is different so we offer a custom on-boarding plan tailored to fit your needs.