Hoylu AB: Hoylu announces the release of the Hoylu/We-inspire Software Suite 2.4 as a free trial and free update for subscribers


Hoylu announces the release of the Hoylu/We-inspire Software Suite 2.4 as a free trial and free update for subscribers

Malmo, March 30th 2017

The update brings immersive collaboration with advanced multi-touch support and greater display functionality, as well as extended support for personal touch devices.

Malmo, Sweden – Hoylu today announced that Hoylu/We-inspire Software Suite 2.4, the latest major release of the leading intuitive platform for creative collaboration, is now available as a free update to subscribers. Hoylu Software Suite 2.4 brings new collaboration capabilities to the software users know and love, along with all-new features for sharing and extending sessions on personal devices and support for a broad range of use-cases. Features like touch drawing and annotating have been updated to include additional multi-touch capabilities, simultaneous pen and touch input and wide array of user interface additions that make the software even easier to set-up and use.

“We see a growing excitement among our customers for the display and personal editions of the Hoylu Software Suite. The support for multi-touch and multi-stylus input hence was a natural step for us to support a wider range of devices and use-cases in the market. Hoylu displays are a great extension to a Hoylu Wall – especially in smaller meeting environments and huddle spaces. Because of the ease of installation and added flexibility we see considerable interest with our enterprise customers to add new ways that their team can conduct break-out sessions and support smaller teams in their innovation and co-creation processes. In addition, customers can also use their personal touch devices to continue working sessions initiated on the Hoylu Wall or display after their meeting is concluded – providing a much deeper integration in the innovation workflow.” says Thomas Seifried, VP Software Architecture at Hoylu.

Hoylu’s platform and software are regularly updated to respond to customer feedback and demand, providing unparalleled support and ongoing value for customers around the world. The latest update continues to provide intuitive and immersive ways for users to collaborate better, faster and more efficiently.

Additional great features include:

  • Improved and fine-tuned multi-touch support
    • Easy to use touch-drawing mode for display and personal edition
    • Instant two-finger pan & zoom of the drawing canvas
    • Multi-touch gestures for selections, notes and groups
    • Multi-touch pan & zoom in overview mode
  • Simultaneous pen and touch input
    • Multi-stylus support on selected displays
    • Customizable touch behavior
  • User interface updates
    • Unified look and feel for context menu across multiple applications
    • Unified behavior of quick access bar across multiple applications
    • Improvements for touch interactions

Hoylu/We-inspire Software Suite 2.4 is available as a free update for current subscribers starting today from the download page on Hoylu’s website https://hoylu.com/?page=download. New subscribers are offered a free 14-day trial and will automatically receive all the benefits of the latest version of the software.

For more information, please contact

Stein Revelsby, CEO at Hoylu
Mobile: +46 (0) 76 008 7330 /+1 213 440 2499
Email: sr@hoylu.com

Karl Wiersholm, CFO at Hoylu
Mobile: +1 425 829 2316
Email: kw@hoylu.com

About Hoylu
Hoylu delivers solutions for presentation, ideation and collaboration that focus on enhancing the user experience. The company’s main area of interest is software for Creative Collaboration, combined with intuitive input and display technologies. This includes technologies for remote collaboration, Internet of Things and for connecting workspaces in different locations together, with the objective of simplifying work processes while improving productivity and creativity. For more information: www.hoylu.com or visit www.introduce.se/foretag/hoylu

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