PRESS RELEASE 28/11/2018

Today on November 28, 2018 at 14:00, Hoylu AB (publ), reg. no. 559084-6381 (the “Company”) held an Extraordinary General Meeting at the premises of MAQS Advokatbyrå at Gibraltargatan 7 in Malmö, Sweden.

Resolution regarding amendments to the Articles of Association

The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved to change the Company’s registered office to the municipality of Stockholm and that the limit on the number of shares shall be no fewer than 8,250,000 and no more than 33,000,000.

Resolution on approval of the board of directors’ resolution to issue convertible loan notes

The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved to approve the board of directors’ resolution to issue convertible loan notes of a maximum of SEK 10,000,000 through an issue of maximum 2,000,000 convertible loan notes.

The right to subscribe for convertible loan notes shall vest, with pre-emption rights for existing shareholders, all who are registered as a shareholder in the Company on the record date on 5 December 2018, except for the shareholders that subscribed for convertible loan notes in the directed issue of convertible loan notes that the board of directors in the Company announced on October 30, 2018. The reason for derogating from pre-emption rights for the shareholders that participated in the directed issue is that the board of directors’, by authorisation from the Annual General Meeting 2018, resolved to execute the directed issue of convertible loan notes to selected investors, including some of the Company’s shareholders.

For every existing share on the record date, two (2) unit rights are received. Fifteen (15) unit rights entitles for subscription of one (1) unit. Every one (1) unit consists of one (1) convertible loan note at a nominal amount of SEK five (5). Convertible loan notes not subscribed for by exercise of unit rights shall primarily be allotted to those who have subscribed for convertible loan notes by exercise of unit rights and have subscribed for additional convertible loan notes without exercise of unit rights, and secondly be allotted to others that have subscribed without exercise of unit rights.

The nominal amount of each convertible loan note is SEK five (5) and all convertible loan notes shall carry the same nominal amount. The convertible loan notes are issued at a price corresponding to 100 per cent of the nominal amount of the convertible loan notes. The subscription price for each convertible loan note is SEK 5.00. Subscription for the convertible loan notes shall be made between 7 December 2018 – 21 December 2018. The convertible loan carries an early interest rate of 8.00 per cent. Holders of convertible loan notes are entitled to call for conversion of their convertible loan notes into new shares in the Company during the period from registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Sw. Bolagsverket) of the convertible loan notes until June 14, 2019, approximately

two weeks prior to the convertible loan’s maturity date on June 30, 2019, and if not converted earlier. The conversion price shall be SEK 5.00 per new share.

Registered share capital in the Company may be increased to not more than approximately SEK 164,878.04 due to conversion of the convertible loan notes through issuance of not more than 2,000,000 shares.

Complete terms and conditions for the issue of convertible loan notes according to above is available on the Company’s website. Further information of the issue will also be available in the information memorandum, which is expected to be announced by the Company on November 30, 2018.

For more information, please contact:

Stein Revelsby, CEO Hoylu +1 213 440 2499 Email: sr@hoylu.com

Karl Wiersholm, CFO Hoylu +1 425 829 2316 Email: kw@hoylu.com


Om Hoylu

Hoylu delivers innovative enterprise solutions to allow global teams to collaboratively plan, create and share information that enrichen the user experience in the virtual office. The Hoylu Suite delivers a comprehensive set of personalized connected workspaces to enable teams across locations, on any device, to work smarter and with more fun across major industries including Engineering, Education, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Manufacturing, Graphic Design and many more.


For more information, visit:

www.hoylu.com or www.introduce.se/foretag/hoylu


Ticker: Hoylu

Marketplaces: Nasdaq First North Stockholm

Certified Adviser: Mangold Fondkommission AB +46 (0) 8 50 301 550

Legal Advisor: MAQS

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