How Does Pull Planning Improve Productivity?

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What is Pull Planning?

Pull Planning can help your organization improve productivity when used correctly. Before you can understand the benefits that pull planning has in improving productivity, it is best to get an overview of what pull planning is and how it works in the workplace. Pull planning is essentially a modern response to the Critical Path Method. While not all those who use CPM may be familiar with its name, they are likely familiar with its structure. Critical Path Method is the method by which all of the deadlines for a project are set by the project manager. Because of this, it is not always effective in large-scale projects. By contrast, pull planning allows for the entire team to be involved in the scheduling of the project. This allows more effective teamwork and yields more successful results. 

Advantages of Pull Planning

Increased Collaboration

The most prominent advantage of pull planning is that effectively utilizes every member of the team. This is because pull planning relies on multiple members to set deadlines that cohesively bring the project together rather than depending on the project manager to set their deadlines for them. As such, it increases the investment that the team has in the project, and it increases accountability for the individual members. By establishing this type of collaborative method in the beginning, every member communicates more effectively and works together toward the project’s goal.

Trimmed-Down Schedule

Pull planning is all about setting efficiencies early on so that you run into fewer roadblocks when you are already in the thick of the project. The team goes over things that may present an issue as the project goes on and creates proactive plans to avoid these issues. This, therefore, keeps the project running more smoothly and reduces wasted time and materials. It also identifies redundancies before they can happen, and keeps members of the project from having to wait on other members to resolve problems. 

Continued Improvement

The beauty of pull planning is that it allows project managers as well as other stakeholders to see the flaws in their plans when the project is over. This keeps your team from repeating the same mistakes over and over. This is a critical part of pull planning. Each time that the time engages in a new project, they will go into it with the knowledge that they have gained from their previous projects.

Better Big Picture Understanding

The most important benefit of pull planning is the way that it impacts your employees. Pull planning allows every person to feel essential to the success and completion of the project. Because of this, they are able to understand the weight of the work that they perform and invest more effort into the job. This will give them pride over their work and a sense of ambition to continue to do better. This drive is what creates the opportunity for the other advantages of pull planning to flourish.

The Top Pull Planning Software

Pull planning is an excellent tool for any team. It creates opportunities for growth that no other method of planning can create. However, it can be difficult for companies to make the switch to pull planning when they don’t have the proper tools. That is where Hoylu can help. We offer high-quality pull planning software that encourages collaboration and allows teams to stay on track. Whether you are new to pull planning or you are looking for ways to make your projects more efficient, we are the solution to your problems. To learn more about how our software works or how it can benefit your team, feel free to contact us at Hoylu for a free demo.