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Hoylu is easy to learn and even easier to use!

Within your Hoylu Dashboard you have access all the workspaces you’ve created and participated in. Create a blank workspace or choose a specified Use Case to define your toolset and workspace template. 

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The toolbox gives you full control over all the functionality

Each workspace comes with a tool-set curated just for it’s particular Use Case. The toolbox transforms based on what tools are necessary for the workflow you’ve selected. 


Use the navigation tools at the top to undo and redo, move the workspace up, down, left, or right, and zoom in or out, or get an overview. 

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Drawing Tools

The toolbox has 3 different drawing tools that you can customize the thickness, opacity, and color. The highlighter is set to auto-opacity! 

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Pen and Text Input

Hoylu Workspaces allow for both text input and drawn input. Use the “ABC” tool to open a text box or select a pen to start drawing. 

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Selection Tools

The toolbox has 3 different selection tools for working with objects. The lasso tool, the note lasso tool, and the harpoon selector. 

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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are located on the toolbox, select the note tool, and choose a color,  then drag it from the toolbox into your workspace. 

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Voting with Emojis

Drag and drop Emojis onto Sticky Notes in order to vote for opposing opinions or topics within your Workspace. 

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Follow Me

This feature is useful for getting everyone on the same page. Once follow me is turned on, everyone will be move through the workspace together.

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Straight Lines

To make creating simple templates easier we added a straight line shortcut. Simply hold own your cursor for 2 seconds while drawing a line.

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Importing & Exporting

Importing files into Hoylu is easy, just drag and drop from your file explorer. To export to PDF simply choose export in the main menu. 

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Sharing a Whiteboard with your colleagues is simple

Workspaces are stored in the cloud for continued access so you can easily share them with anyone through a URL. You can even set custom sharing and access permissions for each person. 

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