Getting Started with Pull Planning

In these tutorial videos, we’ll go over the tools and functionality of Hoylu’s Pull Planning Module! 


Populate your Task Inbox

Populate the tasks of your project in the Task Inbox. From the Task Inbox, you can drag-and-drop tasks to the Pull Plan and map out your schedules.

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Specialized Functionality

The Toolbox has a new look for this Module! The Toolbox is now equipped with Milestone tool as well as a Task Inbox where you can store and organize your tasks.


Setting Dates

Click on the calendar icon on the top right side of the Pull Plan. Input the date of your project’s final delivery. This will populate the dates for every week of your Pull Plan.

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Navigate to the Milestones tool on your Toolbox. Drag-and-drop milestones to mark due-dates and inspections.

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Like any Hoylu Workspace, share your Pull Plan out to your team with the click of a button. A Hoylu Workspace is accessible by a 9-digit code or a short URL.

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Define task dependencies by connecting tasks to one another. Drag from one task to another to create an arrow connection.

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Variance Reasons

Mark tasks as complete or incomplete. If incomplete, mark a variance reason and re-plan for another day.

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The Whiteboard Area

A Hoylu Workspace has 55,000+ pages of whiteboard area. Bring in images, documents, or host activities in the same Workspace.

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Learn More about Pull Planning

For more information on how to conduct a Pull plan, we have several resources available to you. Check out our blogs and webinars on running effective Pull Plan sessions and feel free to schedule a call with our Customer Success team to learn more about how Hoylu can help you.

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