Connected Workspaces™

No sticky notes

No more whiteboard photos

Today, teams working in dispersed locations work together by trading photos of their whiteboards:

  • Photo of whiteboard is emailed out, meeting continues
  • Meeting ends with final solution left on whiteboard with “DO NOT ERASE” to protect their work
  • Sticky notes on whiteboard lose grip and slide down, leaving team to fill in the blanks
  • And often, sensitive information is left on the whiteboard leaving this data exposed

Connected Workspaces™ keeps all information in sync and secure. No more worrying about information security or losing critical business information.

Bring your workforce together in real time

Utilizing Connected Workspaces will allow your teams and customers to develop, review and edit instantly. Instant viewing allows easy access for sharing with others.

Easily take your work with you and access on any device, laptop, tablet, smartphone and interactive displays. Save time and money with reduced travel and improved productivity for your workforce.

No more hard to use software. Connected Workspaces is simple and easy to use. Get teams working quicker without the need for extra training.

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Go freeform.

An open, infinite canvas to draw, write, and share. Carefully crafted to be simple and easy to use for a wide range of needs. Choose from a variety of tools and templates to produce the materials you need. (Bonus – no more worrying about whiteboard markers being out of ink!)

  • Add photos, videos, presentations notes & more, even content from other applications
  • Invite others to create and collaborate in the same Connected Workspaces
  • Connect from any web-enabled device: HoyluWalls, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and Interactive Displays
  • Can be used independently or integrated into any audio visual ecosystem

Give Sketch a try today:

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Bring structure.

An infinite digital pin board that enables you to produce a more structured set of information. Create plans, mind-maps, process flows, scrum boards. Flow is an open canvas for all your digital sticky notes.

  • Add photos, presentations, notes and more
  • Includes support for process methodologies like Agile, LEAN, Pull Planning, Six Sigma, etc
  • Invite others to plan and collaborate in the same Connected Workspaces
  • All work can be saved to the cloud, locally or export to PDF & more

Give Flow a try today:


Analog to digital.

Make notes or sketches with pen and paper then share in real time as content is digitized and captured in vector format. Pens can store up to ten pages in local memory in offline mode: perfect work on the go.

  • Simply write or sketch with our digital pens but with the added convenience of an instant digital copy
  • Handwriting can be kept in original format or converted to text
  • Ability to work even when Wi-Fi isn’t available
  • Easily move content into any Connected Workspaces

Give Paper a try today:

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Evolution of work

Are you tired of scheduling meetings that still aren’t efficient?

Teamwork doesn’t just happen in meetings. Be productive even outside of meetings with Connected Workspaces™

  • Work in real time with others or finish up your work when it is convenient for you
  • Connect from any web enabled device including the HoyluWall
  • Save time and increase engagement with digital tools to simplify your workflow.

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