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Hoylu Connected Workspaces run on any web-enabled device for easy access including Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

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Connected Workspaces on the web has the same features as the native apps for an equally great experience. Everyday, teams access the same Connected Workspaces using HoyluWalls and work in real-time with others teams joining from any device they choose. Hoylu runs everywhere you do for an open, flexible work environment. Work together on any laptop, tablet, smartphone or large display with Connected Workspaces. We have even added more features for non-touch displays to keep work moving forward.

No matter the device your organization operates on, we have you covered!

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Remote Learning with Hoylu

Higher Education faculties are finding new ways to digitally transform their long-distance learning through the use of collaboration technology. Connecting classrooms and instructors around the world provides an answer to previously impossible remote learning opportunities.

  • Faculty are located several time zones away from students but still require a live, interactive relationship between students and teacher.
  • Basic video conferencing systems are not sufficient for complex course lessons.
  • Students move at different speeds requiring complex document management.

The Hoylu Software Suite is ideal for long-distance learning scenarios. Using the Infinite Canvas, instructors can create over 40,000 lesson pages and worksheets that can be shared with locations around the world.

Hoylu’s instant synchronous connections provide immediate sharing of information, even in network-poor conditions. Using Presenter Mode, instructors can lead lessons or hand over control to students to show their work.

Hoylu’s software allows for many different devices and input types, including projection walls, installed applications, standard browsers and Smart TVs. Natural pen input also allows for immediate analog to digital transformation.

Creating Immersive Environments with Merck

Merck is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and is world-renowned for pushing innovation into the medical field and partners with only the top innovative companies in the world. As a way to inspire and find better ways to share and collaborate, Merck approached Hoylu to unlock the potential of their internal development organization.

Hoylu worked with Merck to specifically equip a new facility with all of the different Hoylu Products and Software. The company leveraged a variety of projection screens and Huddlewall systems as well as highly sensitive touch panel displays to create a series of rooms that could serve multiple purposes. The intention of Merck was to create an immersive environment that was appropriately equipped for a small audience or a large group, depending on the need of the audience.

Meetings are driven using the Hoylu Software and Products, allowing work items to be quickly created, iterated, and shared. Merck reported strong internal satisfaction from the system and have continued to look for additional areas to implement the Hoylu system to drive stronger innovation and creativity.

Innovation in the Financial Sector

Fidelity uses Hoylu Products for a variety of daily work activities, including Team Scrum, Mind Mapping, Process Generation, Brainstorming and other group collaboration activities.

The ability to support multiple simultaneous users is of huge value because all of their collaboration activities are in the form of team stand-ups with everyone contributing at once. Hoylu Software allows Fidelity to work with their unstructured data in a simple, straightforward way that doesn’t require specialized training or setup.

Hoylu’s software also allows Fidelity to quickly share their concepts internally and externally, improving group communication and understanding of their valuable IP.

The Fidelity Labs group, a part of Fidelity Investments, is focused on creating and developing concepts for new products and services. The division functions as a think tank, and invests in new software systems to help display and present their ideas. Fidelity came to Hoylu to increase collaboration between teams and help organize and present their ideas.

Using Hoylu for Graphic Recording

Graphic recording (also referred to as reflective graphics, graphic listening, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment.

It is a perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking and the World Café, for it helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together.

When a recorder works in large format, a record of the proceedings is visible for all to see. Enabling people to see their contribution to the whole increases participation and fosters trust and connection and the large displays of themes and insights naturally weave together diverse perspectives into a composite “picture” that reflects the collective intelligence in the room.

Hoylu’s software helps solve this problem, by providing the powerful tools that creative team members expect and support for every device available in the market today. Now Graphic Recording sessions can be livestreamed to hundreds of team members in locations around the world, instantly and clearly with high definition fidelity. Hoylu’s system also provides full media support for any object or element the visual artist wishes to use.

The Hoylu workspace provides thousands of individual pages that can create endless Graphic Recordings. A wide array of artistic tools and personalization settings provide unique tools perfect for any user or illustrator.

Using Hoylu for Lean Planning

The Hoylu Software Suite is ideal for Lean Planning scenarios and connects seamlessly into existing processes and workflows to create minimal disruption while providing the biggest impact.

Hoylu adheres to industry standards for Lean Planning, providing easy access to 3rdparty applications designed for specific industry-based workflows and augmenting these services through remote collaboration capabilities and analog to digital input. By using Hoylu Software as well as Hoylu  Paper, large teams can interact simultaneously with the Hoylu system from multiple locations around the world.

Hoylu’s software was shown to lower costs quickly in projects, providing instant access to digital schedules, planning sessions and work items, and keeping files up to date and current without additional manual effort.

Lean project management is the comprehensive adoption of other lean concepts like lean construction, lean manufacturing and lean thinking into a project management context. Lean Design and Construction are rapidly becoming the standard for project planning across the U.S., with 28% of the companies in the $712b construction market having implemented at least one Lean practice according the to Lean Construction Institute. Hoylu’s software provides an ideal platform to conduct Lean planning sessions, organize ideas and concepts for dispersed groups and reduce time wasting activities. Sustainable concepts like concept and work plan digitization and online scheduling are made faster and easier using Hoylu’s products.

Hoylu and Tønsbergprosjektet: On Schedule, Under Budget

The Tønsbergprosjektet involved making significant structural and internal improvements to two hospital buildings containing over 3,000 rooms. Because of the logistical difficulties of team collaboration against such a large work effort, the Hoylu solution was purchased as a way to help keep the project on schedule and under budget. 

Groups use the Hoylu display and canvas to navigate through 3D models and CAD imagery of the buildings daily, and are able to quickly identify trouble spots or areas that require additional interaction. All of the changes and updates made in the system are then able to easily import into the native CAD and Presentation tools for additional iteration, saving many hours of review and editing time.

After an internal review and audit of the project, it was found that utilizing the system provided at least 10% in total project cost reduction, saved significant resource time and provided a higher level of overall quality.

In 2017 the project was awarded with the SMART International award for best project in the Design Using Open Technology category, in part because of the decision to utilize Hoylu’s software and products as part of the planning and construction of the site.

Building Smarter and Stronger With Hoylu

Hoylu provided the Hoylu Software Suite and Huddlewall Product Set to the Skanska Headquarters in Sweden, equipping the complete meeting floor with multiple Hoylu Walls that could be accessed by employees and external guests. Skanska allowed the rooms to be reserved for internal meetings as well as customer oriented gatherings and presentations. Users were encouraged to use the Hoylu system for brainstorming and concept ideation, encouraging highly creative output.

Hoylu worked with Skanska to provide a variety of wall sizes and configurations in order to create the most natural and immersive environment possible, creating a complete extension to the technology footprint of the building and ensuring a natural fit of technology and creativity.

The result has been a highly utilized set of rooms that provide user friendly, innovative environments that the staff say enables fun, efficient and inspirational meetings. 

Skanska is a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden. Having led the world in several technology initiatives within construction, Skanska came to Hoylu to further improve collaboration and create spaces for highly innovative sessions with external partners and customers.

Immersive Teaching With Hoylu at Ithaca College

Hoylu worked with Ithaca College to provide products and solutions for their innovation labs on campus. The products are used by multiple members of faculty and students to perform a wide variety of activities. As an example, the Music department uses the product for internal sessions, lesson planning and exams and the Chemistry and Science department use it for classroom projects and lesson material distribution.

The faculty works with the Hoylu system to plan and share lesson plans internally, and map out logistical details of the college including construction and build out plans. Ithaca College also provides services to outside non-profit groups for collaboration and planning activities.

Ithaca sees a direct correlation to improved educational standards and team productivity by using the Hoylu Software Suite.

Ithaca College is a private liberal arts college located on the South Hill of Ithaca, New York, United States. Ithaca College is consistently named among the best colleges in the nation and has a focus on technological innovation. Ithaca came to Hoylu in order to drive stronger collaboration  with their faculty and students, and need a technology solution that could be flexible to a wide audience of differing needs.

Barton Malow Builds the Future with Hoylu

Barton Malow uses Hoylu products for display and innovation in the industry, and place a high priority on digital transformation.

Barton Malow has a reputation for highly innovative, cutting edge projects and processes. As they have expanded throughout North America, the tools they use for display, planning, tracking, review of material and customer-facing presentations have typically fallen behind other industries, relying on manual, time-consuming solutions. The logistical challenges associated with hosting a large number of people for technology-based demonstrations have made group coordination highly challenging, and the lack of a digital solution has significantly impaired distribution, brainstorming and collaboration on projects throughout the company.

The Hoylu Solution integrates a flexible, large format display with multiple forms of input including digital pen-based and digitally enabled analog paper, will be primarily used for site logistics planning, last planner activities, shop drawing review, and in multiple presentational settings. The flexibility and power of the system provides immediate ROI for companies in the process of creating innovative solutions in the Construction Industry.

The Hoylu Suite of software provides detailed collaboration and process planning as well as enabling industry-standard 3rd party applications with all the functionality that customers have come to know and love.

The deployed solution at their $110M Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building project at The Pennsylvania State University’s University Park campus immediately became the centerpiece of the complex, and routinely draws the interest of architects, engineers, consultants, and subcontractors involved with the project. Barton Malow has seen immediate benefits solving logistical challenges across team members and partners, and point to the rapid rollout and development as providing noticeable ROI to projects in development as well as existing deployments.

Barton Malow provides construction services throughout North America. It serves new construction, renovation, and expansion projects in various markets, such as energy, federal and government, K-12 education, healthcare, higher education, industrial, special projects, and sports and special events.