Hoylu for Education

University of Washington has utilized HoyluWall and Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ in its Mechanical Engineering department. Learn how Hoylu has helped mechanical designers in their projects and optimized their team collaboration.


"Suffolk’s vision is to transform the construction experience by building smart. By adding sophisticated new tools and technologies such as the Hoylu Huddlewall to our toolbox, we will be able to manage our projects with more efficiencies, provide clients a more predictable and enjoyable experience, and revolutionize our industry."
Chris Mayer
Chief Innovation Officer at Suffolk
"Touch-screen technology is driving more interest in giant-sized 4K UHD commercial displays, and the Hoylu Inspiration Suite and Anytime Collaboration solution offers flexibility and creativity for enterprise customers seeking an engaging interactive experience on LG’s advanced displays."
Kimun Paik
Senior Vice President at LG Electronics USA Business Solutions
"We see Hoylu as the obvious choice for our members and visitors. The goal of our collaboration is a co-working space that can easily deliver a wow effect, where each participant with some basic knowledge in technology can shine using by Hoylu’s products. We strive to have a fun and innovative workplace and thanks to Hoylu as a partner, we are always on the cutting edge with new releases and opportunities."
Göran Garberg
CEO of United Spaces
"Ithaca College is intentional about student engagement in the learning process. “The addition of HoyluWall to our Innovation Lab to engage students in collaborative learning is great step forward in our educational mission."
Tom Rochon
President of Ithaca College
"I save a lot of time because I can export my sketch and broadcast them. There is no rework to do. Hoylu gives the possibility to brainstorm and to create more freely. It opens creativity and thinking. The fact to stand up, that’s something new and magical; it increases creativity and brainstorming.
It’s better than being confined in a room."
Gabriel Massif
Business Leader at SNCF

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