Remote Learning with Hoylu

Higher Education faculties are finding new ways to digitally transform their long-distance learning through the use of collaboration technology. Connecting classrooms and instructors around the world provides an answer to previously impossible remote learning opportunities.

  • Faculty are located several time zones away from students but still require a live, interactive relationship between students and teacher.
  • Basic video conferencing systems are not sufficient for complex course lessons.
  • Students move at different speeds requiring complex document management.

The Hoylu Software Suite is ideal for long-distance learning scenarios. Using the Infinite Canvas, instructors can create over 40,000 lesson pages and worksheets that can be shared with locations around the world.

Hoylu’s instant synchronous connections provide immediate sharing of information, even in network-poor conditions. Using Presenter Mode, instructors can lead lessons or hand over control to students to show their work.

Hoylu’s software allows for many different devices and input types, including projection walls, installed applications, standard browsers and Smart TVs. Natural pen input also allows for immediate analog to digital transformation.