Innovation in the Financial Sector

Fidelity uses Hoylu Products for a variety of daily work activities, including Team Scrum, Mind Mapping, Process Generation, Brainstorming and other group collaboration activities.

The ability to support multiple simultaneous users is of huge value because all of their collaboration activities are in the form of team stand-ups with everyone contributing at once. Hoylu Software allows Fidelity to work with their unstructured data in a simple, straightforward way that doesn’t require specialized training or setup.

Hoylu’s software also allows Fidelity to quickly share their concepts internally and externally, improving group communication and understanding of their valuable IP.

The Fidelity Labs group, a part of Fidelity Investments, is focused on creating and developing concepts for new products and services. The division functions as a think tank, and invests in new software systems to help display and present their ideas. Fidelity came to Hoylu to increase collaboration between teams and help organize and present their ideas.