Creating Immersive Environments with Merck

Merck is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and is world-renowned for pushing innovation into the medical field and partners with only the top innovative companies in the world. As a way to inspire and find better ways to share and collaborate, Merck approached Hoylu to unlock the potential of their internal development organization.

Hoylu worked with Merck to specifically equip a new facility with all of the different Hoylu Products and Software. The company leveraged a variety of projection screens and Huddlewall systems as well as highly sensitive touch panel displays to create a series of rooms that could serve multiple purposes. The intention of Merck was to create an immersive environment that was appropriately equipped for a small audience or a large group, depending on the need of the audience.

Meetings are driven using the Hoylu Software and Products, allowing work items to be quickly created, iterated, and shared. Merck reported strong internal satisfaction from the system and have continued to look for additional areas to implement the Hoylu system to drive stronger innovation and creativity.