Using Hoylu for Lean Planning

The Hoylu Software Suite is ideal for Lean Planning scenarios and connects seamlessly into existing processes and workflows to create minimal disruption while providing the biggest impact.

Hoylu adheres to industry standards for Lean Planning, providing easy access to 3rdparty applications designed for specific industry-based workflows and augmenting these services through remote collaboration capabilities and analog to digital input. By using Hoylu Software as well as Hoylu  Paper, large teams can interact simultaneously with the Hoylu system from multiple locations around the world.

Hoylu’s software was shown to lower costs quickly in projects, providing instant access to digital schedules, planning sessions and work items, and keeping files up to date and current without additional manual effort.

Lean project management is the comprehensive adoption of other lean concepts like lean construction, lean manufacturing and lean thinking into a project management context. Lean Design and Construction are rapidly becoming the standard for project planning across the U.S., with 28% of the companies in the $712b construction market having implemented at least one Lean practice according the to Lean Construction Institute. Hoylu’s software provides an ideal platform to conduct Lean planning sessions, organize ideas and concepts for dispersed groups and reduce time wasting activities. Sustainable concepts like concept and work plan digitization and online scheduling are made faster and easier using Hoylu’s products.