Using Hoylu for Graphic Recording

Graphic recording (also referred to as reflective graphics, graphic listening, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment.

It is a perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking and the World Café, for it helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together.

When a recorder works in large format, a record of the proceedings is visible for all to see. Enabling people to see their contribution to the whole increases participation and fosters trust and connection and the large displays of themes and insights naturally weave together diverse perspectives into a composite “picture” that reflects the collective intelligence in the room.

Hoylu’s software helps solve this problem, by providing the powerful tools that creative team members expect and support for every device available in the market today. Now Graphic Recording sessions can be livestreamed to hundreds of team members in locations around the world, instantly and clearly with high definition fidelity. Hoylu’s system also provides full media support for any object or element the visual artist wishes to use.

The Hoylu workspace provides thousands of individual pages that can create endless Graphic Recordings. A wide array of artistic tools and personalization settings provide unique tools perfect for any user or illustrator.