Smarter Construction with Suffolk

Suffolk wanted a smarter system for collaboration, brainstorming and project planning that could accommodate large teams. Finding effective ways for teams to interact while viewing and modifying 3D models of complex buildings and conducting LEAN planning is critical to their business. This need, coupled with new technology, is necessary to bring about digital transformation of outdated workflows and directly contribute to bottom-line gains.

Unlike competitive solutions which offer a fraction of the necessary functionality, Hoylu’s unique product solution is well-suited for “data-intensive collaboration” by larger groups. The system offers both the physical scale to conduct planning on a big scale with a large team, but also enables highly sensitive touch and pen input that provide an unparalleled level of detail and control.

Hoylu provides drawing, markup and planning tools, but also provides support for a wide array of 3rdparty products to run seamlessly on the large display. This allows for any previous investments in software and systems to remain intact with no rework required.

After standardizing on the Hoylu platform the system has become a critical piece of the way Suffolk conducts their business, with LEAN planning and project review taking place across projects. The result has seen a direct correlation to faster projects and more precise budget planning.