Hoylu and Tønsbergprosjektet: On Schedule, Under Budget

The Tønsbergprosjektet involved making significant structural and internal improvements to two hospital buildings containing over 3,000 rooms. Because of the logistical difficulties of team collaboration against such a large work effort, the Hoylu solution was purchased as a way to help keep the project on schedule and under budget. 

Groups use the Hoylu display and canvas to navigate through 3D models and CAD imagery of the buildings daily, and are able to quickly identify trouble spots or areas that require additional interaction. All of the changes and updates made in the system are then able to easily import into the native CAD and Presentation tools for additional iteration, saving many hours of review and editing time.

After an internal review and audit of the project, it was found that utilizing the system provided at least 10% in total project cost reduction, saved significant resource time and provided a higher level of overall quality.

In 2017 the project was awarded with the SMART International award for best project in the Design Using Open Technology category, in part because of the decision to utilize Hoylu’s software and products as part of the planning and construction of the site.