Building Smarter and Stronger With Hoylu

Hoylu provided the Hoylu Software Suite and Huddlewall Product Set to the Skanska Headquarters in Sweden, equipping the complete meeting floor with multiple Hoylu Walls that could be accessed by employees and external guests. Skanska allowed the rooms to be reserved for internal meetings as well as customer oriented gatherings and presentations. Users were encouraged to use the Hoylu system for brainstorming and concept ideation, encouraging highly creative output.

Hoylu worked with Skanska to provide a variety of wall sizes and configurations in order to create the most natural and immersive environment possible, creating a complete extension to the technology footprint of the building and ensuring a natural fit of technology and creativity.

The result has been a highly utilized set of rooms that provide user friendly, innovative environments that the staff say enables fun, efficient and inspirational meetings. 

Skanska is a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden. Having led the world in several technology initiatives within construction, Skanska came to Hoylu to further improve collaboration and create spaces for highly innovative sessions with external partners and customers.