Make planning easy and engaging

Construction & Engineering teams utilize Connected Workspaces™ in tandem with HoyluWalls to complete large scale project plans and scrum meetings. By leveraging the combined power of the HoyluWall with Connected Workspace™, teams are able to sort through complex detailed plans with ample space to see all critical information on one large surface to make quicker and more informed decisions. 

Hoylu’s Flow application allows for traditional sticky note planning to become a better digital experience. Notes can be moved around, stacked, and relationships can be easily created between individual and groups of notes. All information is securely saved to the cloud to allow teams to refer to the work products and milestones from any device, they can go back to their desks to look on their laptops, tablets or review on other interactive displays.

Realtime connections to internal tracking tools allow teams to share information and work from any location.